Just In Time

We would like you to feel prepared to lead a Just In Time scenario. Here are some important resources to help you collaborate with your team and create your case.

“To Do” Checklist - Have a peek at this early so you’ll have an idea of timeline and to-do’s

Scenario Design Template (click to download)

    • ………An example of a Scenario Design (click here)


Megaphone_15 ..Pre-brief like a Pro! Grab your prebriefing pocket card and follow along with this audio clip to see how the experts pre-brief. A big “thank you” to Dr. Suzette Cooke for helping to create this clip. (if it won’t play, you can download the iTunes version here)

Debriefing Tool Print this off and fill in your 3 learning objectives. Take this sheet with you to jot down your observations while the simulation is unfolding. These comments will help you direct your debriefing discussion. (an MS Word version is here)

Tip Sheet - some lessons learned through experience
(please email me if you have ideas to share)

Survey - for participants (to be completed on iPads if in Sim lab).

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Case Selection

The scenario should ideally be based on the most acute patient on the team/Unit. Please think critically about the most likely way that this patient could deteriorate THAT day. The goal of JIT is to utilize simulation to improve patient care in the real world.

Examples of cases…and an example of learning objectives (brief and focused).

• Status epilepticus:

    • ………Medical Learning objectives
    • …………..(1) Medications used to treat status epilepticus
    • …………..(2) How to deliver ventilations using a bag-valve mask
    • ………Team Training objective (refer to the pocket card)
    • …………..(1) Leadership clearly established
  • Status asthmaticus
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Sepsis
  • Hyperkalemia
  • …etc.